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Shabake 3


IRIB 3 TV (شبکه سه) is the same as Shabake 3, which is a national television channel in Iran that is operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). The channel broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, documentaries, sports, cultural programs, and entertainment shows. It is available via satellite and terrestrial television, as well as online through live streaming. Shabake 3 is one of several channels operated by the IRIB, which is the state-owned media organization responsible for radio and television broadcasting in Iran. The IRIB is known for its close ties to the Iranian government and its promotion of official state views and policies.

Shabake 3 Programms

Shabake 3 broadcasts a wide range of programming. Some of the types of programs that is available on Shabake 3 :

  • Football-e Bartar (فوتبال برتر): This is a soccer-focused program that covers the top professional soccer league in Iran, including the broadcasting of national league matches.
  • Gozareshe Varzeshi (گزارش ورزشی): This is a sports news program that covers a wide range of sports events and topics, including the broadcasting of matches from some of the world’s most famous leagues.
  • Samte Khoda (سمت خدا): This is a late-night cultural and religious program that explores a range of topics related to Islam and Iranian culture.
  • Khodmoni (خودمونی): This is an entertainment show that features a range of segments and features, including tests and competitions in which family members compete with each other.
  • Square (میدون): This is a business-focused program that aims to find and showcase new business ideas.
  • The Incredibles (اعجوبه ها): This is a talent show that aims to find and showcase the talents of small children in Iran.
  • New Era (عصر جدید): This is another talent show that aims to find and showcase the talents of people in Iran.
  • Friend’s feast (ضیافت دوست): This is a religious program that includes Qur’an recitation and other religious content.

How to watch Shabake 3 live?

There are several ways to watch IRIB 3 TV, also known as Shabake 3, depending on your location and the type of device you are using. Some options for watching the channel include:

  • Satellite television: IRIB 3 TV is available via satellite in many parts of the world. You can check with your local satellite provider(Hotbird 13.0° Ost) to see if the channel is available in your area.
  • Terrestrial television: If you have an antenna, you may be able to receive IRIB 3 TV via terrestrial (over-the-air) broadcast in your area.
  • Online streaming: IRIB 3 TV is available online through live streaming. You can access the channel through the IRIB website or through a streaming service such as Filimo or Nimo TV or You may need to use a VPN service to access the channel if you are outside of Iran.
  • Mobile apps: Some mobile apps, such as Iran TV Live, offer live streaming of IRIB 3 TV and other Iranian channels.